Pharmacy Practice and Policy


Increasing expenditures for pharmaceuticals and limited health care resources have put focus on the use of medicines. Modern pharmaceuticals are well documented and sophisticated aids, but the final treatment outcomes depends on how they are handled in society, by e.g. politicians, prescribers, pharmacists and patients. The overall aim for our research is to contribute to an improved understanding of the role of medicines for individuals and societies. This research is intended to lead to improved use of medicines, to the benefit of individuals and society at large.

We use theories and methodologies from social sciences and apply them on the field of pharmacy. Research questions are related to medicines and/or professions and organizations dealing with medicines. Nearly all projects are run by multidisciplinary research teams (pharmacists, physician, nurses, behavioral and educational scientists) involving both internal and external researchers.

Our research deals with pharmacy policy, not least the recent deregulation of the pharmacy market, including sails of non-prescription medicines outside pharmacies. We also study health care professions, predominantly pharmacists. How are the pharmacy professions developing and how are they seen by society at large? Pharmacies and their services is another area for our research, for example we investigate safety and safety culture within pharmacy.

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