Mission and objectives

In the academic discipline Pharmaceutics, the administration, formulation and manufacturing of medicines are treated. The research group in Pharmaceutics at Uppsala University has the mission and overall ambition to deliver fundamental research that can be translated into better and more cost-effective medicines that will improve health care to the benefit of individuals and society. The objectives of our research are two-fold: Firstly, we wish to develop new drug delivery solutions for improved drug therapy, and secondly, we wish to develop formulation and manufacturing tools for a science-based and effective product development and manufacture. Our ambition is to conduct fundamental research as well as research that can promptly be translated into the development and manufacturing of effective and safe medicines.

Research profile

The study of solid systems, their formulation and manufacturing (solid dosage form technology), dominates the research of the group with the overall aim to develop new and improved methods and strategies to predict and manipulate the properties of particles and particle systems. In addition, the group conduct research on new drug delivery solutions for controlled drug release, currently focused on topical drug delivery systems (gels and particulate systems), with the ambition develop new drug delivery solutions for improved drug therapy. The research programme of the group consists of a series of projects that are organised in four project areas.

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