The department's research is concentrated on three areas, namely, drug formulation, the rational use of medicines and pharmaceutical particle and material sciences. Research in these areas is conducted in a number of research groups, including several internationally prominent. The department's faculty and researchers possesses a unique collective academic competence in Sweden and the Department of Pharmacy thus has a key role in the development of the pharmaceutical disciplines in Sweden.

Research groups

Biopharmaceutics Biopharmaceutics (led by prof. Hans Lennernäs) studies the interaction between drugs and biological processes such as membrane transport and metabolism, to get the best clinical effect of a drug.

Drug Delivery (led by prof. Per Artursson) studies the absorption, distribution and formulation of drugs and develops new in vitro and computer models for prediction of ADMET properties of drug formulation and development.

Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry (led by prof. Martin Malmsten) develops design principles for pharmaceutically relevant systems at the molecular and colloidal level.

Pharmaceutics (led by prof. Göran Alderborn) studies the pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing.

Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics (led by prof. Dag Isacson) is studying the causes and effects (clinical as well as social and economic) of medication from a population perspective.

Pharmacy Practice and Policy focuses on the scientific evaluation of medicines role of individuals, populations, organizations and society.


The Uppsala University Drug Optimization and Pharmaceutical Profiling Platform. UDOPP uses state of the art technologies and cutting edge research to help projects optimize compound series and deliver candidate drugs of the highest possible quality.

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